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09-22-2012, 02:40 PM
Used to paying large sums for quality services?
With us, you don’t have to. Because we believe that QUALITY
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At $3 per 500 words (that’s going to be around $.60 per 100 words if you do the math), you are already rest assured of a high-end article content.

Our articles? They’re of top quality…just as good as what other pros offer.
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So what’s Your Idea of a High Quality Content?

•100% CopyScape Passed?

Understanding the Need for a Well-Written Content

One famous philosopher used to say, “If you wish to persuade, write”. Although the means of writing used is different, this same true-to-the-core notion applies to internet marketing. You need to come up with a high-end article if you are to establish an online presence and draw people’s attention. Meaning to say, before you can sell your business to your target market, you need to attract them first.

That’s basically why you need to have a well-written content. Apart from your products/services, your articles could be the most important element in your site. It will determine what kind of reaction you get from your site visitors and readers who are, by the way, your potential clients and customers.

More importantly, you need quality contents for the sake of SEO. With the recent algorithmic updates of Google (the Penguin and Panda), quality has become the word of the decade. It’s either you submit quality contents, or don’t submit at all! Otherwise, you’d find yourself getting penalized by Google by de-indexing your site or labeling you as a web spammer. And I’d bet on my bottom penny, you don’t want this to happen to you.

So then, granting the pivotal role it plays, your content article has to be IMPRESSIVE ENOUGH TO MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU and QUALITY ENOUGH TO IMPRESS GOOGLE.

Now here’s the good news…
Writing an informative and engaging content calls for time, effort, and great writing ideas. But you can spare yourself from all that hassles. How? Simple.

We are writing:
•Web content articles
•SEO articles
•Blog articles
•Product/Service reviews
•Site reviews
•Press Releases
•Article Rewriting
So why hire US?

1. We have been in the business for 6 years already.
2. We just don’t understand what QUALITY is, we write it.
3. We value the importance of RESEARCH.
4. We write according to your demands.
5. We can write anything and everything under the sun, any niche market.
6. We keep our skills and strategies up-to-the-minute.

But most probably, what sets us apart from others is that WE HAVE THE CHEAPEST RATE!

You see, wherever you look, you’d find that the cheapest rate offered by other article writing services providers is $5-6 for 500 words or that would be around $2 for 200 words. But with us, again, you get TOP QUALITY CONTENTS at only $3 …for every500 words and $0.6 for every 100 words.

What we require
•Particular instructions (word count, tone of writing, purpose, and etc.)
•Web URL to prop up (optional)
•Email Ad (if you wish the articles to be submitted directly to you)

How the order process goes:

STEP 1: You provide us your requirements and instructions
STEP 2: We write/rewrite according to your demands
STEP 3: We send to you the finished contents OR we submit them to web portals or post them to sites (as you instruct)


Yes, 18 review copies are available for the following niches, 3 available article each niche. Grab your copy now before these 18 turn to 0.

3 Articles - Weight loss niche
3 Articles - Herbal supplements niche
3 Articles - Saving relationships niche
3 Articles - Payday Loans niche
3 Articles - Stress management / anxiety niche
3 Articles - Dating niche

For orders, contact us thru: sales@bxuhub.com

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