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  1. Transparent gif images show black background when resized

    Gif images with transparent backgrounds end up having black backgrounds and animated gif images turn black completely. Any ideas why?

    $image_p = imagecreatetruecolor($width, $height);
    $image =...
  2. $50 Quick & Easy Logo Design Contest - 7 Days Max


    I have done all my sites' logos here and was never disappointed with the sheer amount of talent here. I did many but below are my top 3:
  3. Replies

    $100 - 4 Images/Graphics for Website

    I need 4 images designed to resemble the description next to the current place holder images that i'm attaching to this. The webpage design in the attachment is the current/new design of the website,...
  4. YouTube statistics and trends for 2020
  5. Do I have a chance with my business idea


    I have around five years of experience of affiliate marketing. I have tried many things, but I haven't driven traffic and decided to kill all of the campaigns. Now I have one website online...
  6. My site disappeared from Google results...(Please help!)

    Hello there,

    i'm running the business site (country targeted) for years now and was going quite good with many keywords on first results in Google, until...
  7. [USD $50] Simplistic and Minimal Fashion Brand Logo

    Guys, I need a simplistic and minimal logo for my t-shirt brand it should read


    here is our unfinished website:

    I need a general logo and a label, this means...
  8. New Revised Online Blogging plan that Focuses on helping Prospects First

    Although I am not new to this game (I've been Inactive for over 8 years and want to start over coreectly this time), I want to do it right and plant the seeds of my niche efforts overtime and i was...
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    Need blog for social media marketing

    Hey all, can you tell me Does a company really need a blog for social media marketing?
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    $15 Simple Design Contest


    I am looking for someone to design player cards for my website.

    The website is a fantasy football (soccer) website and the cards are to display players with key information. I like the...
  11. What Would Your Perfect Day Be Like Facebook?

    What Would Your Perfect Day Be Like Facebook?
  12. Replies

    How to make a string variable

    Hi guys,

    I've pulled data from a database with a callback function, but the data sent back is a string something like this: John Doe Code (markup):

    And I've got this error: Uncaught...
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    Google Sitemaps FAQ

    Google Sitemaps FAQ​

    I decided to make these frequently asked questions about sitemaps to help relieve the amount of same thread questions. Hopefully this can help answer any questions you have...
  14. Logo needed!!! $25 Paypal payout super fast

    Hello Everyone

    I have a website, and a facebook page called, I buy used baseball bats.
    Looking for baseball themed and something that, I'm enclosing pictures of the bats I deal...
  15. Logo Design Winner Receives Chance to get a Free Cookie!

    I want my entire branding strategy to be established by Monday. I want my demographics analyzed comprehensively, I want a 10 page report of the findings in a document compliant to APA standards sent...
  16. Email marketing and lead search virtual assistant

    Regular job
    Monthly or task payment

    Email marketing and lead search job

    Pm me if your willing to earn $150 to $200 per month
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    Life without Google!

    Hello Guys-

    Can you imagine the online life without Google? I was trying to do that and think for the various strange results came in the mind:

    1) Where students will look for the answers and...
  18. Want Higher Blog Traffic? Discover SEO Success with Contentoholic Guest posting!

    Do you need more organic, natural, and valuable traffic making its way to your website? Safe, secure and high-quality guest posting with Contentoholic could be the answer!

    Why is guest blogging...
  19. Google Adsense does not approve my site

    I'm trying to apply for a Google Adsense domain, but they send me a negative answer. In their email they just say: "it does not meet our policy". Unfortunately they do not explain what needs to be...
  20. [$15] 728x90 WordPress Freelancer Food/Fruit Ad

    I need an add that includes the WordPress logo and some food or fruit along with the name "Matt Danczuk" and title "WordPress Freelancer"

    This will be an ad for my services on a food blog located...
  21. What will happen if everyone becomes a millionaire?

    Without considering inflation what will happen if everyone will have all the money to buy anything? The first thing that comes to mind is "who will work for the other?" Workers will diminish if not...
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    Tips for creating a $10/day business

    Do you have any ideas for building a business from ground-up that generates per day and is mostly hands-free (after the initial effort)?
  23. How can we drive traffic to our new business website for free?

    Looking for advise on how to drive more traffic to our new website - LazyRiverMercantile .com
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    Duplication of Content

    OK, so I produce a magazine that is an app in the app stores. And for those who prefer to read the mag on a desk/laptop. I publish a copy as a pdf style Flipbook on a free Issuu account.

  25. How to convert li texts to links in javascript, randomly?

    I need to convert a list of li texts to links using javascript, 3 links randomly.


    list 1

    list 2

    list 3
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