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  1. How many words do you use for web page content?

    I think 300 words is enough for web page content with SEO top keyword result. Please tell me, Anyone.
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    Need to increase the rank of my blog

    Need to ask for advice about how to increase the rank of my web site.
    Please, can you help with that?
    Thanks in advance.
  3. Automating syncing of image names across a website?

    Hi, really new to this so please bear with me.

    I have a website with about 1000 images which over the years have been badly named.

    Is there software, plugins, methods etc to somehow...
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    Company Profile

    What is Company Profile Design Inspiration?
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    Small data entry

    Need people for small data entry work. It is just a copy paste work. It would be more of a side work.

    PM me with your Google Hangout or Skype if you are interested.
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    Review our Site

    Hi there!
    I am currently at the final stages of introducing packages onto my site,
    and would like some non biast feedback for my site.

    I am a graphic designer offering professional graphic...
  7. $50 Logo Design Contest - Ends 10/9 - Guaranteed Winner!

    The company name is Rowe Dermatology. This is for a dermatology practice located outside of Philadelphia that treats skin conditions and provides cosmetic dermatology services.

    Looking for a clean...
  8. How to store passwords and be able to reuse them later

    Lets assume the following scenario

    I am writing an application where you can log in and then provide login details to another system ie your email account, FTP account etc
    The application then...
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    Need Advice for newbie

    Hello Everyone.

    I wanna learn SEO from zero so any good courses or any books can you guys give a guide
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    How to earn money online!

    Hello Everyone! I get out of my job and now I'm broken! I really wanna earn money via online! Someone give me a advise! Thanks a lot!
  11. $100 Logo Design Contest - Ends on Monday! Guaranteed Winner.

    Hey everybody! Back in 2016 I had a couple successful design contests here on DigitalPointForum. Now that I have an opportunity to design a new logo, I thought I would come here again....
  12. ?InfluencerHub? ?? Find Influencers On YouTube, IG, and Twitter based on Keywords ??

    ONLY $197 ONE TIME
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    $30 Logo Contest

    I am looking for someone who can design a logo for a new website.

    The logo must be 360x90 pixels in size with a transparent background.

    View the website here to see the color scheme.

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    Logo design -$20 -72hrs Paypal

    I would like a logo design and open to your creativity on this

    Logo name: Doctors in Business

    Payment once winning design selected via PayPal
  15. want to redesign current logo. Budget $50

    I want to redesign current logo. Budget $50 Paypal.
    We are a lead generation company that specialises in Real Estate Buyer and Seller Leads.
    We provide Realtors with the automation tools that allow...
  16. To Split or Not to Split: Should I split one website into multiple?

    I have a website that's been around for over 13 years built on Wordpress. Let's say it's about video games (it's not but it will serve as an analogy.) It's a news and reviews website - not a store or...
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    How to Increase Website Traffic?

    Hello Friends,

    I am working on the English News website and need to increase its organic traffic.

    Site has been added in google news
    A lots of news are published everyday
    Connected with...
  18. Logo design already done needs some changes

    Hello, this is a quick fast gig for you if you want quick money!
    Logo was already made just need some small changes.
    Here is details.
    I need to be a printable logo,
    here is the logo...
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    $20 logo design contest -72hrs

    I would like a logo design for a group
    Physician Mums In Business UK

    payment via PayPal to the winning design
  20. 5 x Design Product Stand up pouch - multiple winners $250

    View attachment 245793

    This contest is for designing stand up pouch for my client tea business.
    You will need to design FRONT AND BACK OF STAND UP POUCH (please see image)
    You will add my...
  21. API to allow my users to donate to charity

    I am building an app that allows users to earn points. The points have a monetary value in our system. I would like the users to have the option to redeem these points as donations to charities of...
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    Armchair Dining on DP

    One of the things that I like best about DP is that there are members from all over the world. This thread is intended to capitalize on this broad perspective in a fun way. Background: our local...
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    Where are you From?


    I am from Cyprus
  24. Invision Power License With Blog, Pages, Gallery and Support Until 2020

    I am selling an Invision Power Board License with the Blogs, Gallery and Pages Addon, and support until Jan 2020. Price is firm at $200.
  25. Wondering if its possible to create a site where visitors can upload img & write text

    Hey there! Id really appreciate your help here. For context: I am going to create a webpage for a junior basketball team. The main purpose of this page is for the parents and the children of the...
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