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  1. - File & Video Hosting | DMCA Ignored | Upto $40/10k | Daily Payouts


    We are happy to introduce, We offer PPD, PPS and MIX offer programs you can select which ever suitable for you.

    Why to choose Justupload?

    Minimum payout is 10$
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    does short articles/ posts works?

    does short articles/ posts works?

    posts like 400-600 words with good proper seo and all , do you guys think it till work or not ??
  3. $30USD PayPal Quick Logo & Business Card Design

    I need a design done in like 24 to 48 hours.

    Name of Business: N & M Cleaning Services
    Slogan: Cleaning the world one room at a time
    Name: Nayma Meeks
    Phone Number: 817-487-8252 (Sí hablo...
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    premium domain

    Since all of you are fu st, i sell now only the domain.
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    Who are the best contest holders?

    It's high time we had a thread like this so that we can nominate our favorite contest holder. By doing this we can motivate all holders to do better.
    I feel at present that @evershawn has taken the...
  6. Please Advice: Need Advice for A New Blog


    My passion is Marketing, followed by freelancing, all things technical, solving problems, blogging, SEO etc. I used to write blog posts for a few clients in the past as well.

    I do like...
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    $80 logo re-draw and re-design:

    Hello, I would like an existing logo to be re-drawn (vectorised) and I would also like to see some design variations on this logo.

    The contest will run for 48 hours. One 12 hour extension is...
  8. 100 x 300 words landing pages/articles needed about SEO

    hi all. I need 100 articles to begin with about Seo. If good then total articles needed will be around 1000-1200. Regular work for the right person.

    Very good readable and grammatically correct...
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    Adwords. Still worthwhile?

    I have been absent for the board for almost a decade. Back, when I was active, amongst other things, I ran Adwords campaigns as an Amazon affiliate.
    Coming back today, I see that the Adwords...
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    Quick Icon Contest -- 5 days -- $15

    Hey everyone,

    A client would like a quick icon/logo design - You can view the details here.

    Good luck! As always, I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.
  11. $50 Website Logo Contest - 72 Hours - Fast Pay & Feedback

    In need of a logo for our new website MovieRiffing. The website will be hosting movie reviews and essays.

    - URL: (Just a Coming Soon page right now)
    - There are...
  12. Unique Car Software Niche Site - Adsense - Revenue $30 BIN

    Why are you selling this site?
    Having a clear out of sites, this is a unique site linking to a well known (by word of mouth) bit of freeware. However the software does not have its own site, So i...
  13. Need logo Designed for my Company. $20 Fast Paypal to Winner

    Business Name - L&L Roofing

    Colors client likes - Blue and Black

    Commercial building would be best

    Good luck everyone! May the best design win, payment will be made quickly to winner on...
  14. Should I learn Wappler instead of learning to code manually??

    I might have hit the jackpot here:

    I came across totally by accident today as I explored various tools to save time in coding. I've been struggling in learning to...
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    50$ Betting Logo Contest | 72 Hours

    Hi folks,

    Got a new sports betting related website that needs a logo.

    The design of the homepage is attached.
  16. Advice/Help setting up a secure network

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone experienced to help me secure my wifi network so i can run some IP cameras safely.

    Mainly i need someone to answer questions about the set up and products i...
  17. 1000+ Guest Post Sites Available (DA30+) (Starting from $10 only)

    Hey Guys,

    Hope you are doing well.

    We have around 1000+ guest post sites on variety of niches like health, Technology, Home improvement, Finance/Business, Fashion, Travel, Education, Auto,...
  18. Apache newbie, it can't find my site's resources

    Ok, I made a small Phaser game. I can run it on simple php server with php -S localhost:8000 command from terminal. Then over to localhost:8000 on either Chrome or Firefox and it runs.

    Now, I...
  19. Can I Get My Website Monetize If I have 90% of Direct Traffic

    Hello experts,

    I have a website which is getting a good amount of traffic but all the traffic is direct. There is a 90-10 ratio of direct traffic on my site. In this situation can I monetize my...
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    $25 Logo Design Contest

    I am looking for a logo with 2 magnets that are together to make an "S". I have attached a rough example. For the winning entry, I will request that they enter the actual text for the name of the...
  21. 500 Internal Server Error for shared webhosting

    I am getting the following error, the hosting company says that other websites on the server are not facing the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix it

    Internal Server Error

    The server...
  22. Why so much hatred toward HTML/CSS noobs?

    I'm relatively new here, but I already noticed that people in this forum get heavily criticized for wanting to make things easier or doing things automatically. Why so much hatred toward those of us...
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    $70 fitness brand logo contest

    Hi Guys,

    Looking for a logo(s) for a new fitness brand. It will feature primarily on clothing and going for that high-end appearance.

    Here are the details:

    Name: DMND
    Theme: Fitness...
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    Social media made your life better

    Hey all, can you tell me does Social media made your life better? But How?
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    Best Facebook Auto Poster?

    I'm looking for the best social network auto poster? Mainly something for Facebook to allow me to automatically post to hundreds of groups at the same time instead of going to each one. I've found a...
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