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    Pls review my website

    Hello All
    After 2 months of hard working, i have developed my company website
    Requesting all to have a look at it and share views, feedback or suggestions so...
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    $30 Logo Contest


    I am looking for a logo for my new website Man Cave Shop.

    This will be an online shop selling products for mens rooms.

    Just now I just have a generic clothes shop template installed -...
  3. How do I improve communication skills and be good at presentations?

    I want to improve my communication skills. While giving a presentation, I am too much and I can't explain those things which I want to explain. Can anyone suggest me how can I improve myself?
  4. 20$ contest for videographer logo. Hoping to end in 48 hrs

    Hello again talented people and sorry for the crappy prize.

    I need a logo for a videography company (or for a videographer)

    Name: S_D_C_M (please remove the lines)

    Use: for video production...
  5. Can I use old content on a new website??

    I had a website related to poker 7 years back but now that website no longer exists. Luckily, I have all 200 contents that I have posted on that website.

    Can I use those 200 contents on new poker...
  6. ClaroAds - POP and Direct Link CPM Ad Network [Official Thread]

    Welcome to the official thread of ClaroAds POP and Direct Link CPM Ad network -

    We, ClaroAds, believe that online advertising should be transparent, that is why we are...
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    Review recently update websites

    Hi, we had recently update our three of our major website with content and designing, kindly let review our website and drop your it here, Thanks in advance
    Website #1 :
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    48 hours Logo Contest 35.00. Paypal

    I am looking for a simple fresh logo that I can use on my blog and. make into hats and Tshirts.

    "Hands & Feat" with "Mark 10:45" & ".org" hidden in it.
    One Color
    I will need the following...
  9. We have just launched an affiliate program on our website!

    Hi there,

    We have a design-related website that has been active for almost four years now. Only recently we have added a shop on it, where we sell our design resources (fonts, mockups, graphics,...
  10. Twitter: Why does it not show to whom the tweet was directed to in my profile?

    I don't use Twitter much; so I am still figuring out things, as I go along.

    I went into my profile, but nowhere do I see on whose page I had tweeted.

    All I see is my name and my handle all the...
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    It is for sales
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    Satellite Forum

    Why are you selling this site?
    I am very busy my work so no time manage site and need to move another city

    How is it monetized?
    This community I have many admin in different country to manage...
  13. 3 Number Domain (773) with High DA and Strong Backlinks
    PR3 Da25 Pa35 Tf8 Cf32
    Alexa Reach Rank: 11,812,357
    Spam Score: 0 / 18
    External Backlinks: 100,361
    Referring Domains: 2,755
    EDU Backlinks: 4,159
    EDU Domains: 21
    GOV Backlinks: 59
  14. Once I Buy an Expired Domain, Then What?

    Hi all. I'm struggling to find information on what to do with a domain once I purchase it. It seems like buying expired domains is a "thing", but wouldn't you have to then maintain it and grow it...
  15. I am looking for ad space, guests posts

    I am looking sites for Guest post. Sites domain SSL yani Https k saath ho .... Theme : Travel, Business, Games, Health, Entertaimen related DA 30+ with good index pages.

  16. How to get my project off the ground? (a gamified study site)

    Hello, everybody:

    I am a former web developer trying to get back into the profession. Dealing with ageism and a jungle of new languages, libraries, frameworks, and standards, I have failed to get...
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    Is Content Important?

    Do you think quality of content is important to rank?
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    anti aging green

    Why are you selling this site?
    because im busy with other project

    How is it monetized?
    How much time does this site take to run?
    this run with an autobloging plugin you need just...
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    Adsense new update messege

    what do i have to select from this option.

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    Design contest $60 Automotive

    Need logo designed with speedometer 60-130 MPH website name
    it's the speed bracket racers use to test their cars power.

    logo has to be brandable and look good on cars and intros.
  21. Anyone Seeing a Google Update? Big SERP Changes?

    Anyone Seeing a Google Update? Big SERP Changes?

    A few sites took a dive... any idea?
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    Avoid being held for money in Paypal

    If I use Paypal for dropshipping in Shopify, and Oberlo, and keep giving Paypal the tracking number for each shipment to customer, can I avoid the potential for money being held in Paypal? I am...
  23. What's Your Favorite Social Media Platform?

    What's Your Favorite Social Media Platform?
    Please share your experience.

    My 2 cents:
    1. Instagram is good but it's becoming more and more strict.
    2. Twitter is kinda dying out.
    3. Facebook is...
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    Fixing render blocking

    Hi all,

    I have been trying to fix some issues with my wordpress website (

    I believe it is a render blocking issue (my drop down menu doesn't work after trying...
  25. Generate All Combination of Alphabets that Add up to a Sum Value?

    How can I generate all permutations of alphabets that add up to a sum value?


    So if I input the sum value of "24", I would like it generate all combination of letters in:
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