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  1. Ajax calling throwing a 200 for one user, a 302 for another

    A user just called and said that a function wasn't working.
    I tested it at my end, all working.
    Set up a screenshare and noticed that she was getting a 302 response.
    When we opened up the...
  2. Fast $25 to design logo for soccer foot wear

    Please note!!! Do not tag your mockups with company logo name, because it will appear on Google search results and we don't want that to happen. We have been contacted by owners that their company...
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    Mobile Banner Design Contest $40

    I need some banners made for mobile ads. You can make 1 style and in 3 different sizes. To get an idea whats on my current banner you can check here...
  4. $100 Logo Contest - payment via PayPal

    Dear all,

    I am looking for a logo to be delivered within the next 7 days please.

    Business Name: ACE Courses (acecourses.co.uk)

    Business Type: Group courses for Obstetrics and Gynaecology...
  5. Coloring book Websites - Earning - Aged

    Why are you selling this site?
    I'm selling this website because I am not the best at continually marketing it, and also because I need a bit of cash for some RL issues, that's why its a quick-sale....
  6. Looking for a Great Logo for a Private School $75 Via Paypal - 5 Days

    It is for a website called *InspirationPrivateSchool .com* a private school

    Open to all color schemes and ideas.

    NO clip-art! Original designs only. Make sure you have the rights to use any...
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    - logo design for own business -

    Hi Folks.

    I'm looking for a logo, very simple and eye catching.

    NAME: ArtFromPain
    Style: Clean flat oldschoolish.
    Colors: should be flat cours from here: http://www.flatuicolorpicker.com any...
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    $50 Logo contest

    Im looking for a cool logo for my new website. Name: Printyle
    Domain: Printyle.com
    I need it simple but unique font and vector.
    You can use any color

    Our website is about "Shopify...
  9. How to apply on-Page activity in my website?

    Plz help me to perform the on page activity in my website step by step.

    Or any video to understand the topics
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    How to start an e-commerce?

    Hi all,

    I am Ed, a watch designer from Madrid (Spain). We have worked in developing our own watch brand investing a lot of time, resources and efforts (https://tictail.com/etnica).

  11. My Dropshipping Journey with AliExpress

    After several months of hard work, I have finally launched my first AliExpress dropshipping store - WorldOfHarry.com.

    The site was developed from scratch (including the theme and special ecommerce...
  12. YoungAmericans(dot net) - Please appraise!

    I would like to get an appraisal of this domain.

    Thank you all.
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    Logo for SAAS app- $50 up to 5 days

    Hi, Our App is called "ezond" our site https://ezond.com

    We require a logo that is simple , clean,
    Please look at our site. this logo should also be able to translate into icons for...
  14. Quick Logo Design 108 $35 instant paypal

    Welcome to contest 108 Easy! $35
    Instant Paypal Payment once files received
    http://fatgecko.com/proxy/aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cub2ZmdGhlcGVnZGVzaWduLmNvbS9jb250ZXN0cy9jb250ZXN0MTA4LmpwZw%3D%3D/image.png ...
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    Profile creation

    Hi, What is the profile creation i listen this words many times from expert but not clear about that.
  16. Please review this online store - your feedback is much appreciated!

    Hi Everyone,

    We'd like to improve and enhance a website, which is a UK online retailer of watches.

    Our primary aim is to increase the conversion rate, so that a higher ratio of people go on to...
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    Please value Sluggishly.com


    I got lucky enough to grab sluggishly.com from dropped auction.

    Please give me appraisals. Its a one word .com domain.
  18. I want to buy an old Shareware archive website.

    I want to buy an old shareware archive (downloads) website (Windows apps, Android apps, iOS apps, MAC apps). Our all in budget is $2-3k but less would be awesome.
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    $50 small banner contest

    Hey guys, I need a small banner for this page: https://mmmwelding.com/shop/

    The banner will be placed in the right column above the products, so it must fit in that space. I want the banner to...
  20. $20 Logo Contest for Health - 48 HOURS ONLY

    This is a fast 48-hour logo contest. The prize is $20 USD with payment via PayPal.

    Requirements: Should be delivered in vector format as .ai, .svg, or .eps.
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    Fast $25 to design a logo

    Please, please do NOT tag your mockup with logo name so it does NOT show up on Google search results. Take note!

    Here are the details attached. Start sending your designs...ASAP!

    Payment via...
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    Looking to buy Advertise on Sites

    We are looking for websites with high traffic. Need ads on this size: 728x90, 468x60 and 250x250.

    Please send your site details to
  23. 11 Paid Scripts worth $417---Offering in $75

    Collection of Paid Scripts Purchased from codecanyon, All of These Scripts files/links/license key and invoices will be given to Buyer properly.11 Scripts costed me $417 USD.
    Offering in $75

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    Logo contest and graphic set $50

    I am looking for Brand Identity pack for my new company .
    Bhasvat ( Means Sun, shining, luminous,Brightness)
    The theme should be around sun ,Power , Electricity , and solar power

    I would require...
  25. I need to donate someone $5. But I don't have paypal

    I need to give someone $5. I wanna give more but I don't have paypal here in pakistan.
    I thought that i would work for someone and ask that person to give another person on my behalf but design...
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