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    I need help with ads break

    I have two pages approved in notices, but when I go it is still unavailable, I do not understand, really, someone ah is configured this

    View attachment 247269

    View attachment 247270
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    NFL Super Bowl 2020 Predictions

    Well, we have just passed the halfway mark of the season. The New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers are 9 and 1. The Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, and New Orleans Saints are 8 and...
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    $50 Logo Design Contest - 1 Week Max


    I have done all my sites' logos here and was never disappointed with the sheer amount of talent here. I did many but below are my top 3:
  4. Premium PHP, WordPress, Shopify and Mobile App Developer Available – US$15 Per Hour

    We are a Web & Mobile app development company in India, servicing high end corporate clients in Australia and the US, and our 2 developers are due to complete a large project for an Australia Client...
  5. Where may I make a post about affiliate program?

    Hello, where may I make a post about affiliate program with all the details?
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    Blogging Feedback

    I have always wanted to start blogging and finally got my butt in gear. I have a thing for donuts and have always wanted to document the places I try for myself to remember but also to share. I...
  7. Warning: PDOStatement::execute(): MySQL server has gone away in

    I am trying to convert my site to PDO and keep getting this error:

    Warning: PDOStatement::execute(): MySQL server has gone away in Code (markup):


    Warning: PDO::query(): Error reading...
  8. Can Anyone Find or Make this Word from Value Calculator?


    I am currently using this "Word Value" and "Word from Value" Calculator at this page:

    What it does is:
    1. Converts words to numbers based on "A=1, B=2,...
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    New England Weather

    Well, the weather craziness has started early this year. Yesterday morning, my outdoor thermometer read 25F/-4C when I got up in the morning. Right now (a little over one day later) my outdoor...
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    Does reciprocal link works?

    I have seen many web directory site, who has a option named reciprocal. Does this would worth for my site?
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    stacks with bank ads

    i have doing google ads for bank to make people can open savings account online. but CPL is going high and getting very few leads.
    not getting any profit. is google ads right platform to do bank...
  12. Would love some insight... not showing up for right location

    Hi everyone, I would love some insight on why this site is not showing up for the right location.

    We're trying to target the location "Post Falls, ID". We use that, and...
  13. I Need Someone With A WordPress Website!

    I need someone with a WordPress website that they own.
    The website must have Woocommerce installed (or can be installed).

    Very simple, VERY QUICK JOB, won't take more than 10-15 minutes to...
  14. $40 Logo Contest - 72 hours - Cannabis related

    I am needing a new logo for my site at

    $40 to the winner via PayPal. Contest is 72 hours, may end sooner if a suitable logo is received before then.

    Logo should reflect the...
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    User id not displaying in login system

    Hello friends,

    I am following a tutorial from youtube to build a login system
    it was written in mysql

    i have converted most parts to mysqli
    but stuck at some point
    i just want echo the user...
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    Review for game site please.


    I kept things simple.

  17. How can avoid Meta Title & description Duplicate issue?

    Hello Members

    My site have 1000 of pages for Airlines route map. I am confused how can write Title and Meta description because all airlines provide route map and same kind of services.
  18. Have valueimpression paid payment for Aug-19 yet?

    Hi, is there anyone here using Valueimpression to serve ads? I signed up and used for this network since early Aug. Payment term is net0 but until today, I still not received money. May I be scamed?
  19. Who is still wearing watches after the mobile phone era?

    I used to wear a watch a decade ago. But after mobile phones are introduced some 10 yrs ago in our country, I never gave it a second thought to wear any. What’s your experience?
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    Great to be here... I am Chiara!

    Hey, how's it going?

    My name is Chiara and I am from a tiny island called Malta (a little hard to find on the map haha), now living in Madrid Spain.

    I haven't used a digital forum since I...
  21. Logo Design - $10 - 12 Hours or less if someone make a great logo

    I have a client who need a logo for a vbulletin forum

    domain name is


    It should replace this:

    And fit in the forum...
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    Working with Dates in JS


    In MS Excel it is very easy to manipulates dates with formulas. For example I can place a date in a cell. 30-Oct-19 and if I want to work out what 3 days from that day is, I could do...
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    Native English writer here

    Hi fellow DPers!
    I'm currently between gigs and am looking for some writing to do. I don't like having too much
    idle time!

    I'm a native English writer who is fast, competent, affordable, and...
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    Outdoor Billboard Campaign Ideas

    Hey guys I am new to the forum.

    I am in the insurance business .. Specifically targeting home/auto insurance.

    Our company abbreviation is "BIG".

    I am trying to make a funny play on words...
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    Permissions on post

    If I set a permission on a post to share with just one other person (specific friends) from my friends list will all my post I now create only have that Specific friends permission until I change the...
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