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    What are methods?

    Methods are the building blocks of a class, in which they are linked together to share and process data to produce the result. In other words, a method is a block of code that contains a series of statements and represents the behavior of a class. While declaring a method you need to specify the access specifier, the return value, the name of the method, and the method parameters. All these combined together is called the signature of the method.

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    Hi guys,Method is a set of statements to perform an operation, methods are also known as procedures or functions.
    In java 2 methods are used
    1.Built in methods
    2.user defined methods

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    A method, in the context of object-oriented programming, is a procedure or function associated with a class.
    As part of a class, a method defines a particular behavior of a class instance. A class can have more than one method.

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    A method is a process of every single instruction of the program is called method basically it is a function of Object-oriented Programming. To identify the steps of programming


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