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    Deep linking is the method of creating links that go directly to a specific page or product on a merchant's site

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    Deep linking refers to the link building process where the internal or product page is directly linked to the external domain. This helps to redirect traffic directly to the business or product page and generate more leads for your business.
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    Deep links serve a variety of purposes:

    1. Usability - Deep links can instantly get users to targeted information and thus decrease frustration.
    2. Link Profile - Deep links can improve your overall link profile.
    3. Traffic - Deep links can grab traffic from new and varied sources.
    4. Rankings - Deep links can increase a number of long-tailed phrases that you can rank for in the different search engines.
    5. Avoiding Penalties - Well, this one’s more of an I hope it does than an actual rule, but it makes sense that if a site ONLY has backlinks coming into the homepage, it looks a bit unnatural.


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