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Thread: Seo forum

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    Essentially a well constructed Silo structure will enhance SEO by increasing clarity about the relevance of the urls in the silo and also it naturally supports internal linking to enhance and pass link juice in the silo by relevant backlinks and finally UI signals for SEO like pages viewed, time on site and bounce rates are all improved by a well thought out silo structure.

    BUT.... I emphasize a "well thought out silo structure" it's not black and white so it requires some clear thought and planning. I know it sounds lame but after doing it many times I can tell you that scribbling on multiple pieces of paper will help you to get much better results and faster with less wasted time/errors.

    Good luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by Affordable SEO View Post
    please help me am trying to get my web directory yoople number one on google for the keyword Yoople what is the best way to do this ? as am really struggling
    Your website should very quickly rank for it's own name, if it doesn't you need to do the basics first ( see localadworks DIY plans and follow one, just get the basics done first - I ignore all the advanced features on localadworks until you've done all the basics ( because they need to be done first and it will take time for the search engines to index that)

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    List forum get good backlinks for SEO

    Hello. Can you give me list of forums to get good backlink for SEO. I searched online but did not see. I think it is better to go to various forums for link diversity everybody has a good idea to get backlinks can speak here. Thank you!

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    Drive Clicks through Effective Meta Descriptions

    The search engines decide what to show in your search results based on what they think best suites the user's search. If you write really good meta descriptions then you increase the likelihood of what your wrote showing:

    ..Many people tend to leave meta descriptions blank without realizing the effect it has on search results. A powerful meta description leads to a rise in click-through-rates which boosts the SEO ranking of your page. Simply put, they form the first impression of your website, so you rather make it a good one...

    How to drive clicks through effective meta descriptions

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    Site Links - With www and without www

    Hi guys,

    When I search my site ([removed]) in Google the site links appear only when I search without www, when the URL is entered with www there are no site links.

    Is this bad for SEO, how can I solve this.

    Thank you in advance

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    How to track up to 5000 keywords for free?

    Get all your SEO rankings simplified. Keyword Rank Tracker based on Google Search Console API. provides daily keyword rank tracking reports and insight into your website traffic and marketing achievements. Track the most important SEO KPIs in one place. Your customized dashboard considerably helps you stay focused on what matters most by displaying essential data at one quick glance.

    Main Features:
    Track up to 5000 keywords for free!
    Daily updates of positions and changes history.
    Weekly rankings and organic traffic reports.
    Alexa and Moz Rank tracking.
    Email notifications.
    PDF / Excel data export.
    Custom dashboards

    Take a look at and learn more about our services.

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    SEO Expoerts?

    Wow where did all those SEO experts go ? No siggys so this forum becomes dead ? Wow I leave for 9 months and all the spammers ran off someplace else.

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    SEO Trends and Techniques in 2019

    Hello guys,

    As I read on other blogs and forums, 2019 Google will start to implement the Voice search and AI on their Algorithm. Any thoughts about this? If this is true, what is needed to be done in order for our site to compatible with this update?

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    How impact voice search in SEO in 2019?

    How impact voice search in SEO in 2019?

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    How to increase the certain keyword search volume

    When I try to analyze the competitors' SEO strategy, I found their brand keyword had very high search volume. Actually, I don't think this search volume is reasonable as the competitors are not famous brands.

    I suspect the SEO agencies, which work for these competitors, use some skills to increase the search volume and traffic. So they can provide an excellent traffic report to the employer.

    Are these skill existing?


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