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Thread: Seo forum

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    What is image optimization?

    Hi Freinds,
    I need to know about image optimizations. And how can I do image optimization for my website? Can you guys help me know about this SEO process?

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    Google Show 404 Error when i check the website Cache Date.

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    What are some of the best free SEO tools available?

    Hi experts, I want to know about free SEO analysis tools which results are reliable. And obviously, tools should be free. Plz suggest some tools.

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    Taking Old Content & Relabeling It As New Is A Bad SEO Hack

    As a user, I completely agree with this:

    Google's John Mueller said on Twitter, with the disclaimer of him putting his user hat on (not Google hat), that relabeling old content as new, without any additional changes is a bad SEO hack. He said it is bad for the user, causes frustration when they find out and doesn't give your users the respect they deserve, he said....

    ...John said "as a user, recognizing that old content is just being relabeled as new completely kills any authority that I thought the author / site had." "Good content is not lazy content," he added. "SEO hacks don't make a site great. Give your content and users the respect they deserve," he said....

    Google: Taking Old Content & Relabeling It As New Is A Bad SEO Hack
    Aug 16, 2018

    I don't really care how big a name you are, it is very disappointing to see a new RSS notice in my RSS feed reader, go to the site to read and see old comments.

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    Creative SEO Suggestion

    Hello all,

    I have a web hosting website. I am already using the most practised SEO tactics and strategies to promote my website and get quality traffic. Kindly suggest me some of the best methods and SEO practises to get quality traffic (both paid and unpaid). For instance I have run a FB Carousel ad (something new way of branding and product promotion since past 2 years) which was a big success.

    Kindly offer such creative and valuable suggestion. :D

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    need some help with my seo

    please help me am trying to get my web directory yoople number one on google for the keyword Yoople what is the best way to do this ? as am really struggling

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    Will Hosting change affect my website SEO?

    My current hosting speed is too much slow. Moreover, they didn't gave me any option to make my site https secure. So, I want to change hosting provider. Is there any effect in SEO of my site?

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    I use Really powerful tools, I would recommend it.

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    How silo structure improve SEO?


    I have heard a lot about Silo site Structure. But how it helps in SEO?

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    we get advanced features in New Bloggers....


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