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Thread: Seo forum

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    i want partner to help me with SEO

    i have a website called [removed] and i would like to have a pro SEO partner to help me boosting it.

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    link building help

    Hi experts

    i am a newbie in the SEO and i want to know what are some of the do's and don'ts of link building?

    need help

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    · List your site in directories
    · Write the best guest post
    · Write a blog
    · Build backlinks using forum, classifieds ads, social bookmarking
    · Discover competitors' common backlinks
    · Recovering the dead backlinks
    · Find the strongest competitors healthy backlinks
    · Find the most relevant link building opportunities

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    Quote Originally Posted by Affordable SEO View Post
    Hi experts

    i am a newbie in the SEO and i want to know what are some of the do's and don'ts of link building?

    need help
    For sure, don't link to adult hosting sites as Google frowns heavily on those, legal or not.
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    23 Years of Hosting and Development Experience

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    Many Websites Have 35+DA but Almost no Traffic Why is this

    I saw many websites that have 35+ DA but alexa rank is above than 12M and has almost no traffic from search engines like Google. What is the reason because high DA helps SEO and good rank.

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    SEO serp race

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks to ord and Htmlbasictutor I just got what you guys have been trying to say. It clicked! While reading this article

    If your trying to rank with links, the higher you go so is everyone else and essentially you end up in a race. If you start gaining less links than your competitors gain naturally you'll start to lose any rank you gained in the first place. It's like a marathon.. which is why links can take a long time to effect rank at higher positions where everyone is gaining links also.

    BUT if you outrank them with content alone, since they don't often change their content enough to impact rank much, your not in the link race and you will STAY ahead very fast and can out rank them really fast too. In other words content based changes takes effect in serps way way faster because not everyone is gaining "points" for content like they are links.

    Now it's believable when ord says he can out rank link sites in hours with content.

    If your gaining say 10 links a day but so are all the other front pagers, you will takes week to go up just a little bit. But if your content way outranks there's and you get lots of "points" from content you'll jump your serp like huge bounds in no time. If we assume 1 link=1 point and you gain 10 a day, your tied with everyone else. But if your content change or addition of "great content" is worth like 150 points accross site, you'll jump in serps soon as it's crawled, where as in the link race if your only gaining a few more links than the other pages itll take weeks and weeks to pull ahead.

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    Content Evaluation

    SO after realizing how content works in ranking,

    I looked at the top results on a keyword I was targeting. First thing I noticed was the top 3 results all had way more content, results 4 and below were all low content. So basically only the top 3 results had competitive seo using both content and having a lot of back links. Now its pretty obvious that if just had more content and good content I would probably hit rank 4 super easy. There are other pages with good content but they are not as related and very low backlink profile.

    Everything starts to click as you see what it takes to rank. Thanks HTMLbasictutor for all the articles you share, stuff helps alot.

    Also I realized in comparision my site is very low content lol.

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    Does direct traffic affect Google ranking?

    Actually its confusing to me... anyone can explain me about this topic? And let me know is direct traffic harmful for SEO Ranking?

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    Reverse Engineer Your SEO Strategy

    How many of you actually reverse engineer your SEO strategy to gain visits by people actually interested in what you have to say or sell?


    “The beauty of SEO is that, instead of pushing a marketing message onto folks who don’t want to hear what you have to say, you can reverse-engineer the process to discover exactly what people are looking for, create the right content for it, and appear before them at exactly the moment they are looking for it. It’s pull vs. push.” – Cyrus Shepard, Founder of Fazillion

    ...When it comes to search engine optimization in 2018, one of the best methods to climbing the SERPs is to reverse engineer your strategy by investigating and analyzing what your top competitors are doing so that you can weave similar strategies into your own blueprint...

    How to Reverse Engineer Your SEO Strategy

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    Seo website about wallpaper

    I have a website on the background and I need to SEO it, but I do not know where to start. Who has been able to give me some experience? I can do the best.

    Thank you!


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