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    There are 5 web servers

    - Free Hosting: Free hosting is good choice when you want to make websites for fun, however the services you get is fairly limited compared to paid hosting.

    - Shared Hosting: In a shared hosting environment. you are sharing the server with other website owners.

    - VPS Hosting: VPS stands for vital private server. in a nutshell, VPS hosting is a an advance "variation" of shared hosting.

    - Dedicated Hosting: In a dedicated hosting environment. You have the entire web server to yourself, you do not share with any other users.

    - Managed WordPress Hosting: Companies who provide managed WordPress hosting specialize in hosting WordPress websites.

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    Free Hosting
    Shared Hosting
    Dedicated Hosting
    Collocated Hosting

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    The different types of web hosting are:

    - Shared hosting
    - Virtual private hosting
    - Dedicated hosting
    - Reseller hosting
    - Colocation hosting
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