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    what is Quality Score? and explain it in brief?

    what is Quality Score? and explain it in brief?

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    Quality Score is a variable used by Google,[1] Yahoo![2] (called Quality Index), and Bing [3] that can influence both the rank and cost per click (CPC) of ads.

    To determine the order in which ads are listed, each ad has the following formula run against it: bid * Quality Score. Ads are then listed in descending order based on the result of that equation. The exact weight of Quality Score versus bid has not been revealed by any of the major search engines, and each company has stated that they reserve the right to continually adjust their ranking methodologies.

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    Quality score means how much good a website is more trusted links a website has more better its quality link will be.

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    Quality Score is a metric Google uses to determine your page ranking and how much you pay per click in a particular Google AdWords campaign. Quality Scores are essentially a measure of relevance; more relevant ads, campaigns, and landing pages have higher clickthrough rates (CTRs), which raises your Quality Score.
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