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    What is long tail keyword

    Hello friends,

    What is long tail keyword.....?

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    A long tail keyword is a keyword that is longer, that are a couple of words. The idea is that one and two (and sometimes even three or four) word keywords are extremely competitive and difficult to rank for, whereas longer keywords are easier to rank for.
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    Long tail keywords are usually keyword phrases that have relatively less number of searches. These keywords are often used to rank your website faster in search engines.
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    You can generate the site links your self and there is no such method. Sitelinks are created by Google when it founds your website have good authority and quality content that your users love. Build more links to your website and optimize your website well.

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    Long tail keywords are usually consist of larger number of words. New website owners tend to target these keywords because of lesser competition on google so highers rankings for such keywords are easier to get rather than the shorter keywords.

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    Long tail keywords are phrases containing over 4+ words that make search results highly specific. These long phrases are used by smart SEO experts when they attempt to draw quality traffic to their websites rather than having random traffic and increase their lead conversion rates.


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