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    What is important on page techniques?

    hello friends,

    What is important on page techniques?

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    On-Page Search Engine Optimisation techniques:-
    1. Page Titles
    2. Meta Descriptions
    3. Meta Tags
    4. URL Structure
    5. Body Tags
    6. Keyword Density
    7. Image SEO
    8. Internal Linking

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    The most important on page techniques are:

    Keyword research
    Meta tags and title
    Meta description
    Robots.txt file
    Sitemap generation
    Content development
    Image optimization
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    Implement all On-Page SEO Techniques & Strategies for quick SEO Optimization. ... HTML Tags

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    Meta tags
    Image Optimization
    Good content

    I believe these are the main.

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    Important On page techniques include:
    Meta tags/description.
    Keyword density.
    URL structure.
    Quality content.
    Image optimization.
    Internal linking.
    Header tags.


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