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    Right server to buy from a trustworthy host

    KVChosting.net and hosting.uk provide VPS accounts which are able to satisfy all my hosting needs and I wonder which plan would you buy being in my place?

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    I appreciate the quality of kvchosting.net work. The relief at having a host that answers all emails with lightening speed, is available for emergencies, keeps things running smoothly with virtually no down time, is extremely helpful and pleasant, and constantly tweaks to make improvements...immense and worth every penny!

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    VPS deals from a2hosting.com and legionbox.com are worthwhile.
    Whenever you have a problem, the live-on-the-phone folks at them are friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and they listen. So, your problems always get solved. They will walk you through the solution, wait while you go through the steps, offer suggestions, and then send you downloads and links if you need them.

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    I do not recommend A2 but I have heard good things about KVChosting


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