I have an iPhone 5 which I have found perfectly adequate EXCEPT that it had begun to slow down. The slight delays in performance were a bit frustrating, especially when texting.

Then I read somewhere to check the file size of the apps on your phone. One of the biggest culprits was the Facebook app. Looking again online, I read how to login to Facebook using Safari and make a shortcut to have an icon on the phone screen.

After deleting the Facebook app and accessing Facebook via the Safari browser, the phone is much quicker. Not as quick as it was a few years ago but quick enough that I like using it.

The side benefit is I don't get all those notifications that somebody posted a comment about somebody else's post, another friend had a birthday etc. This has freed up my time more than I would have imagined. Now my Facebook visits are probably just 2-3 times per day when I'm on the computer and once in awhile on the smartphone.

Give it a try and you might see that you have more time to get important things done.