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    Building An Online Business

    You know, being an online marketer throws up its fair share of challenges.

    One time, I was emailing back and forth with a customer who lived in a country where he had difficulty making a payment online by credit card.

    He really wanted the product I was selling, but he had no credit card number to pay it with.

    I sent him some information about other ways he could pay. I didnít think he would go through with it, but surprisingly, he must have really wanted to do it because he found a way to pay.

    Where thereís a will, thereís a wayÖ

    Anyway, I wanted to share some of the best ways Iíve found to overcome the challenges as you build an online business.

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    With today's technology and variety of online payments you can use from all over the world, so I am not surprised he found a way! Which method did he use, of you don't mind sharing?

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    Digital Marketing is best source to build an online business or if you have any other business you can advertise your business through Ads on Search engines & Social Sites.

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    Thanks for the share


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