There are quite a few marketing resources I haven't heard of before in this article.

Are your marketing resources being utilized as efficiently as possible? Maybe your marketing messages are reaching a relevant audience, but are they reaching irrelevant consumers as well? This means youíre wasting your advertising budget on clicks that donít turn into conversions. Or maybe your emails are getting sent out to inactive email accounts. So youíre using up all the monthly email allotment your email marketing tool allows.

It could even be that youíre paying for your content to be seen by non-humans such as bots. That means youíll end up spending a large chunk of your advertising money on unconvertible clicks made by these bots. Whatever the case may be, you could be losing a lot of time and money, which could ultimately affect your ability to fully reach your potential.

Here are some tools that will help you reduce wasted marketing resources...

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Have you used any of them (other than Google Analytics)?