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    Why do we choose SEO? Why not PPC?

    Why do we choose SEO? Why not PPC?

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    SEO Gives longs terms results and less cost.

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    SEO takes more time to rank your website than PPC, also less cost-effective. Also, PPC is mostly used for product listening for which you have to pay to Google for every single click a user makes. I would suggest PPC if you have an Ecommerce business.

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    PPC gives you instant results. It depends on the type of product you are selling. Some get good revenue from PPC campaigns. SEO should be mandatory for every single business around the globe. Correct me if i am wrong.

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    You should actually pursue both SEO and PPC. The issue is that lots of firms can't afford the expense of PPC, or don't completely understand how to optimize it.
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    SEO is free, effective and long-lasting process, In SEO the time taken to get good rankings may be more but its effective and the money spent in PPC is very high and the results are instant.


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