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    How to get alexa rank

    Tell me how i get Alexa ranking in search engine
    My website Alexa ranking is zero

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    You have to register your domain on Alexa to get Alexa ranking details or Alexa also automatically give Alexa ranking after 3 month of site live.

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    Following are some tips to improve Alexa rank:
    1- Write Content with great quality and unique information
    2- Think outside of the Box
    3- Write Regularly, more often
    4- Put Alexa Rank Widget

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    You can boost up your ranking by backlinks
    then you can easily get Alexa ranking

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    You simply need to have value add content on your site relative to the products or services you're selling. That, plus a professionally designed website that is easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

    Traffic from visitors is what pushes Alexa rankings.
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