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    How Much time take A website ranking..?

    Hello friends,

    How Much time take A website ranking..?

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    Minimum is 1-2month for low competition and long tail keywords whereas highly competitive keywords takes 5-6 month to rank well in Google search.

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    Yep... It depends on the keyword ranking
    if the keyword has low competition then it takes 2-3 months
    But if the keyword has high competition then it takes 5-6 months for ranking

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    Approx 6 months

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    In generally competitive industries, it can take a year to reach the top ten, but that depends of course on what your competition is doing as well.
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    Take 3 to 6 month min. because seo is ongoing process

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    It depends on the optimization techniques you perform for your website. Updating good content and building good backlinks will help to rank keywords higher in search engines.
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    It will take minimum 2 months for low competition keywords, 5 to 6 months for high competition keywords in Google Search Engine.


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