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    Increasing My Pageviews

    When looking at my Analytics page views for my site today,
    it shows only 1847 can I increase this? I ask, because the domain has my intended keyword within the text, it's over 12 years old, I'm using wordpress,
    have made daily blog posts over the last year
    every single day with minimum 300 words - there are about 10,000 pages in the overall site + over 5,000 images. How to increase traffic? Should I drop all the google ads, delete the analytics code and submit to Bing Soley?

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    First, I love your site. 1847 pageviews in what time-frame? How much are you spending on Google Ads and what is their quality score? Why would you delete the analytics code? How would that help increase Pageviews? And you should already be submitting everything to Bing as well as Google. And I agree that sharing your blog posts on social media will help tremendously.
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