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    Sales Funnels and lead magnets

    Hey Guys,

    I noticed a lot us here are entrepreneurs, I've said it before that I am new to SEO, but I do know marketing. And two super important marketing concepts that it seems alot of people don't know are lead magnets and sales funnels. Below I will explain why and how they work.

    Sales Funnel: "The definition of the sales funnel (also known as a revenue funnel or sales process) refers to the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products. A sales funnel is divided into several steps, which differ depending on the particular sales model."

    Lead Magnet: A free valuable product, or offer that attracts potential customers who are not ready to be actualized customers but could be with some sales and information. A lead magnet is always given in exchange for email or contact information used to continue to educate the lead about the product you want to sell them through either email or other advertising methods.

    Sales funnel steps:
    1. Cold introduction,
    2.Lead Magnet value offer
    3.Lead Magnet call to action
    4.Lead Magnet close
    5.Reintroduction to Leads
    6.Education about the product
    7.Final value offer and call to action.

    Starting with cold introduction, this is where you first meet the customer on the web, for most of you this on search traffic with meta description. While this traffic is targeted your first introduction is actually rather poor. This is why your click through rates and then conversion rates on those ctr rates are poor but free. In a sales funnel model the better way to first introduce your business to your potential customers is to present the value offer of a free lead magnet in a personal manner. There are 3 ways to do this:

    FB ADs: using Fb ads to personally introduce your lead magnet to potential customers is probably the best way to start a sales funnel at the moment. If your lead magnet is truly worthwhile you can easily capture 50% of the impressions with the lead magnet. This means way higher ctr and eventual conversion rate that just advertising a product or even search traffic can achieve. The key here is knowing that traditional Facebook targeting does not work. You need to use a Facebook look a like audience based in 200-300 emails of customers. The normal Facebook targeting will only show your adds to maybe 7% of the actual potential customers you are trying to reach. While the look a like audience is more like 75%+.

    Let's look at stats for lead magnet and fb ads. If your add is well written, uses visual images and has a good lead magnet offer relevant to your audience and you use a well built look a like audience you can expect numbers to follow these trends.

    Proper Sales funnel:
    Ad Impressions: 1000 cost $5
    Lead Magnet downloads: 150
    Conversions at start of sales: 7
    Conversions at end of sales funnel process: 20-26.

    Simple Seo sales funnel:
    Impressions: 1000
    Clicks: 360(avg 36% ctr)
    Conversions: 11 (3%)

    These stats are based on industry averages and as you can see a proper sales funnel with lead generation can achieve much higher conversion rates per click than seo with massive ROI. While SEO is free, FB ads IF, and let state that in bold IF done right can achieve 2.5x the sales result for just $10-$100. They Key to advertising is always a good lead magnet offer and proper audience targeting. Again if you use basic targeting in Facebook's ads by selecting interests etc. YOU WILL LOSE MONEY. Fbs interest based targeting doesn't work. You have to build up at least 100 emails from the same country of your best customers and upload it for Facebook to make a look a like audience. Only Facebook's look a like audiences will actually Target your audience and potential customers.

    Once you capture a lead, meaning they download your lead magnet in exchange for an email, you begin educating them on your products you want to sell them through emails, and through FB ads, by uploading the list of emails of those who downloaded your lead magnet to advertise to only those people. You keep these emails in a spread sheet and track each marketing platform you have used to reintroduce them into your sales process or funnel. This how you achieve high conversion rates. Always emailing them and sending fb ads with new and better value offers on your products or information regarding new products. Another thing you can do is send free valuable information to keep them engaged with your brand and business till they are ready to buy.

    I will continue more on the sales funnel process later.


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    Thanks Jack, useful post


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