Having trouble pinpointing a high-converting value proposition for your product(s)? Have a look at this article. It proposes a different way to get to the right value proposition for your product.

...Most courses & books on value propositions FAIL to show you how to actually create value proposition through empirical, quantified research.

Instead, they give you a pile of pretty worksheets, diagrams, and fill-in-the-blank frameworks that encourage you to do little more than sit around the office, brainstorming overly-complicated, run-on mission statements that never even once get put in front of actual customers....

...Once you’ve finished the following exercises, you’ll truly understand how to properly collect and quantify messaging research from your target market and transform it into a powerful unique value proposition — one that’s strong enough to serve as the guiding star for your business for years to come....

Using Message-Mining to Pinpoint a High-Converting Value Proposition for Your Product

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