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    Apple Release glasses in 2020 and car in 2023

    Apple can release augmented reality glasses in 2020, and cars three to five years after Ming-Chi Kuo analysts were very effective in recording TF Securities research on Tuesday.

    Kuo Research has a strong track record of accurately describing Apple products a few months before it was officially launched. In a speculative record, seen by Business Insider, Kuo discusses how Apple can reach $ 2 trillion of market capitalization after reaching $ 1 trillion earlier this month.

    "Services, AR, and Apple Car will create the next trillion dollar market on Apple," he wrote in a research note.

    Augmented reality, combining the digital and physical world through smartglasses, will be Apple's next main user interface, he predicts, like how the iPhone introduces a multi-touch touch screen. This is also expected to be more popular than the iPhone.

    What in your opinion???

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