Hi again,

Before I start another thread just want to say big thank you to all the people who give advices, tips and answer all my questions. Thanks again, I am hoping I will contribute to this forum too.

So I lost this google ranking to be honest. Well...I have been actually loosing it since March 2018 but the current drop reminds of a free fall without end. I thought that might be due to migration
from HTTP to HTTPS (I have gone through lots of threads on this) and Google would restore most of the ranking along with traffic but this hasn't happened since 3 months now. Unfortunately I am not being tech savvy and my SEO/WP building
skills are very limited. I have got one SEO expert (well..I thought she was an expert) but things aren't looking good thus far as a good chunk of my keywords aren't even in top 50. I cross-checked the
SSL certificate installation and it seems to be working fine (301 redirect is in place).

So here I am..asking for an advise again and any kind of help will be much appreaciated. If moderator allows I can drop a link to my website - bestpennystocks2017.com

Thanks again,