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Thread: Web business

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    Web business

    Im looking at setting up a niche website, but unsure which business model to take. For the purposes of e-commerce, is your traditional web store the way to go. Or is setting up a niche social network with an e-commerce element added on for me to sell my products?

    Are people only interested in using a e-commerce store to purchase goods. And leave any social networking to the likes of Facebook etc? Or is online shopping becoming more of a socially interactive experience?

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    Wow that's a deep question, I believe both models apply to pretty much every product nowadays, the extent to which it depends on either depends on the product.
    Regardless of all that unless your offering is literally 1-3 lines i would go for a proper ecom store, it's what most people expect and it is optimized for shopping.
    However for traffic you should never ignore Social no matter what your product niche is, some products are more attractive to enthusiasts that are passionate therefore one would expect social based marketing to offer better results, eg. car customization fans will like to discuss, compare, swap opinions get reviews therefore definately use social to connect to them and make your content valuable to them dont just advertize!

    Even for more commodity based products Social is useful depending on your model and your market positioning.
    For example casual trainers, people may discuss them a little on fasion forums or places like that but probably not in depth in the same way as one might discuss the relative merits of a V8 engine versus a V6 supercharged engine on a custom car website.
    However if your positioning in the casual trainers market is fully resolved, ie you have a position then you will have a population that you will appeal to and can try to connect to on social.
    For example you might be the cheapest supplier, the supplier who has the widest range, the supplier who has the full range of a particular brand or the authorized supplier of a brand/brands who can guarantee authentic trainers. The product is more commodity in nature and can be bought in many places but you can attract customers who are attracted to Your offering by using social media.

    Good luck


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