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    Affiliate link redirection

    Hello: I have a WordPress site filled with affiliate links. I want to make site be more "clean" so the idea is to get rid of affiliate links.
    It is a relatively big site, over 1.8K pages. What I 've learned is that using wp redirection plugins increase server load.

    I also don't want to have redirects on that domain so my idea is next:
    1. Registering a similar domain name (same name, just different extension. .co instead of com) so people browsing site won't maybe even notice thy are going to another domain.
    2. Once someone click to that other domain, it will be redirected to affiliate link instead. That second site will have Wordpress and redirection plugin.

    what do you think,is this shady in any way and can it become shady at some point? I don't want first site panlized.

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    Redirect link is a line of text which upon clicking on send the visitor to another website......


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