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    Redirect Old Domain

    Hello All,

    Going to try this again. Please everyone be nice.

    Ok, so there is an old domain a .com, that at one time years ago got a manual action that has been removed. It still has some really bad links, some decent and has a great age and domain rating.

    The other person create a new site with similar content, that is flourishing. The .net version. 2 times the organic traffic, doing very well.

    Here is the question, what does everyone think about doing the best disavow job possible on the .com version to remove the bad links, when that has been accepted, redirect the whole domain to the .net at the domain level?

    Thus, pulling off as many bad inbound links to the old .com site and keeping the good ones. Then redirecting.

    Neither site has a manual action of any sort.

    Thoughts? Thanks

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    The .htaccess file directives enable you to redirect your old domain to your new domain.


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