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    How to recover from Google Penguin ???

    hello friends,

    How to recover from Google Penguin ???

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    • Create a list of all your backlinks.
    • Analyze all of your links for quality.
    • Keep track of the links you want to remove.
    • Start talking with webmasters and disavowing links.

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    Unlike a manual link penalty, for which you must file a reconsideration request with Google once you’ve cleaned house, you do not file such a request to have a Penguin penalty lifted. Rather, taking action to remedy problems will often earn ‘forgiveness’ the next time Googlebot comes to crawl your site. These recovery steps include:

    The removal of any unnatural links over which you have control, including links you’ve built yourself or have caused to be placed on 3rd party websites
    The disavowal of spammy links that you can’t control
    The revision of your website’s content to remedy over-optimization, ensuring that keywords have been implemented naturally instead of robotically, repetitively or nonsensically on pages where this is no relationship between the topic and the keywords being used

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    You Must delete all bad links from your site.
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