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    VPS deal which is cheap and reliable

    Deals from kvchosting.net and asvhost.com are attractive for me and need to know which way is better to follow as I want to host a forum with one of these hosts?

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    I'm impressed with Kvchosting.net ssd hosting provider. Response time on tickets is fast, needed a few times some help and they fixed everything for me. My sites are up in running right after I've purchased VPS hosting account at their homepage.

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    VPS accounts from hostingsource.com and hosting.uk are able to meet all your needs.
    Awesome top-notch hosting is available from them.
    Support has to be one of the best around. You can get someone on the line almost immediately.

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    I am very happy with Kvchosting.net performance of my sites there.
    Very Mac friendly interface. If you value excellent service, advice and professional support don't look any further.
    Free Instant Setup!

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    If you looking for reliable and fast VPS, I think you need to try SSD VPS from vikhost.com. 1Gbps connection, different hosting locations in Europe and friendly support 24x7.

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    Great host, pricing is average, but support is the best I have seen, goes out of their way to make sure everything is working just right for you. Luckily I've haven't had to use the support a lot, but when I have had to use it, responses have been very fast, and KVChosting.net will work with you to get things fixed.


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