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  1. Website with Traffic for Sale

    Hello Fatgecko members,

    I have a website for sale, it's a good site, been running on auto pilot for a while and the traffic is growing

    Valuable Domain reg 2009 live since 2013, high monthly searches Low reserve

    Great domain Estibot $1.1k, >10k monthly searches, old site neglected for years growing traffic, LocalAdworks SEO, Autopilot 4% bounce! Huge potential affiliate/themes/plugins/services/training

    1. Website

    This is a Wordpress website, also advertised elsewhere on
    2. Executive Summary
    A great .com domain name, registered since 2009 and live since 2013.
    Estibot valuation is $1,100 , monthly broad searches including the domain name are 9,900 and exact searches 480.
    This website was bought as a project but I got a new job and was too busy, it has been neglected for years. Despite that it still gets traffic and in fact is growing, with some new optimized content and SEO it will easily grow, I just don't have the time to work on this.


    • Broad searches ( includes "Wordpress Platform") 9,900/$5.76
    • Exact Searches ("Wordpress Platform") 480/$3.74
    • Estibot $1,100

    3. Highlights

    • Awesome memorable domain name
    • Monthly Broad/Exact match searches are 9900/480
    • .Com domain
    • Huge potential in a growing niche
    • SEO - We can transfer the LocalAdworks SEO Project to the buyer, (just 4% bounce rate!)
    • Good traffic that's growing, 56% organic and just 4% bounce rate ( note recent spile in November 2018 because its been up on flippa [url][/url/
    • It has been neglected and running on auto-pilot for years

    4. Operations
    This site has content, I am not the original owner so I don't know if it's unique or not, certainly since I have had it it has been using a plugin that identifies and posts content like articles and videos automatically.
    I set up one or two new content campaigns, added the Amazon affiliates functions, I may have posted some original content I honestly don't remember but if I did it was likely very little so please assume it's not original.

    What's Needed?

    • Complete the site SEO and set up Social profiles, if the buyer wants it I have an SEO plan for the site on LocalAdworks (the best professional SEO tool and very cheap) and they can transfer the existing SEO project to the buyer, this will save the new owner a lot of time and/or money, it's on the cheapest SEO plan at the moment and can be canceled immediately any time if you don't want it anymore.
    • In case the buyer is interested in taking the SEO project over, just use the various keyword tools included, technical audit tool is included, post new content, optimize the content, track rank, use the Social media listening tools, spy on competitors, optimize the backlink profile etc. Although it's serious professional grade SEO platform you do not need to have any experience to use it, LocalAdworks has everything you need and a complete detailed user guide, multi-lingual too, it's the best we use it for all our sites.
    • Switch the Amazon affiliate code from mine to yours.
    • Add any other affiliate products that you want.

    6. Financials
    Although the site is set up with Affiliate products like Amazon affiliates, clickbank and JVzoo I never completed the set up! The site gets traffic but I have no way of telling if it made affiliate sales or how much, it's just been left because I didn't have time to work on it - hence the sale.
    It can be monetized in any way you wish for example:

    • Affiliate products
    • Placement adverts
    • Amazon affiliate
    • JVZoo
    • Clickbank
    • Networks like chiticka and adsense (subject to approval)
    • To sell Training, wordpress themes, plugins
    • Business services
    • Email marketing

    7. Seller Notes
    This is a great site for anyone interested in making money from affiliate sales, building an email list or promoting their own Wordpress products/services or other business services.
    There is a wealth of content available to curate, the usual: content, optimization, promotion, list-building, Social media and marketing is all that's required to make it fly.
    My plan was to look for inspiration from this 8 figure annual income Wordpress blog site, as shown by this article, when done well it can be very profitable.

    ps. Bought here years ago, here's the original listing:
    ps the traffic in the old estibot report there is higher the valuation lower though, go figure?

    • Old Broad ( includes "Wordpress Platform") 12,177/$6.05
    • Old Exact Searches ("Wordpress Platform") 590/$3.93
    • Old Estibot $370

    ************************************************** **********

    We need to sell this now

    Please reply here - thanks
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    Websites Bought and Sold

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