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    Sep 2012
    188 vs

    Which server is better to buy from or And why?

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    Oct 2012
    Comparing accounts from and, I dare say both are respectable enough to stick to.
    Their prices are unbelievably low taking into account the amount of resources included in their plans and having deals with them means your business is in the firm hands.

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    Dec 2016
    For service and support I give a 10/10 and I highly recommend them. It should also be noted that I started out on a custom package after talking with sales and eventually worked my way up to one of their normal plans so if you need a custom plan talk to them as they will probably be able to work with you.

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    Sep 2012
    So far have been an exceptional host. They are fast, great customer service. I have no complaints.
    The features are easy to use i.e. cpanel. I donít mind paying the extra for the service and support that I have received.


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