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    constraints used in Oracle ?

    Hello Dear,

    Please Tell Me What are the various constraints used in Oracle ?

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    - not null.
    - primary key.
    - unique.
    - foreign key.
    - check.
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    • NOT NULL. Specifies that this column cannot hold NULL values (constraints of this type are not nameable).
    • PRIMARY KEY. Specifies the column that uniquely identifies a row in the table. ...
    • UNIQUE. Specifies that values in the column must be unique.
    • FOREIGN KEY. ...
    • CHECK.

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    NOT NULL Constraint − Ensures that the value of the column can not be NULL.

    DEFAULT Constraint − Sets the default value for the column when none is specified.

    UNIQUE Constraint–Ensures that all values in the column are distinct.

    PRIMARY Key − Also recognizes each row / record in the database table.

    FOREIGN Key − Identifies a row / record in any given database table.

    CHECK Constraint − The CHECK constraint guarantees that all values in the column satisfy those conditions.

    INDEX − Used to quickly create and retrieve data from the database.


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