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    Java not support pointers ?

    Hello Dear,

    Please Tell Me Why does Java not support pointers ?

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    The first and very important reason is the security. The concept of Pointers in C-lang is often misused and is probably the biggest reason for people considering C-lang a complicated programming language.

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    Hi Friends,
    A pointer is a datatype used to store address of a memory location.

    It is a misconception that Java doesn't have pointers. It has pointers but it doesn't allow the user to manipulate pointers like in lower level languages like C and C++. You simply cannot perform pointer arithmetic in Java while as in C you can. It means that Java doesn't give access to raw memory. That is because Java runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) making it a universal language.

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    Pointers are special variables responsible for memory manipulations. Since everything on computer are stored in memory, they provide an excellent way to handle them ( or mess up them). Java does use pointers internally, it is just java doesn't allow users to access them ( for security purposes) hence uses references ( which are safer)

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    As you know, each variable is a memory location and each memory location has a given address that can be accessed via an ampersand (&) operator which denotes a memory address. Pointer is a function whose value is the address of a separate variable, i.e. the memory location's direct address. You must declare a reference, like any variable or constant, before using it to store any variable address. The general form of a pointer variable statement is − type* var-name; type is the base type of the pointer; it must be a valid C type of data and var-name is the pointer variable's name. The* asterisk used to mark a pointer is the same asterisk used to multiply.
    Java has no pointers, it's a common misconception. It's just not true. Java's got points, they're not clear. Every object is a reference to a location that makes it a pointer... You can't directly control the pointers. For Java, reference points are used not by explicitly forwarding the address

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    Java does not support pointers ... because to reduce the complexity and improve the robustness of the java language does not support pointers.

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    Memory access via pointer arithmetic: this is fundamentally unsafe. Java has a robust security model and disallows pointer arithmetic for the same reason. ... No pointer support make Java more secure because they point to memory location or used for memory management that loses the security as we use them directly.


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