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    Java not support pointers ?

    Hello Dear,

    Please Tell Me Why does Java not support pointers ?

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    The first and very important reason is the security. The concept of Pointers in C-lang is often misused and is probably the biggest reason for people considering C-lang a complicated programming language.

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    Hi Friends,
    A pointer is a datatype used to store address of a memory location.

    It is a misconception that Java doesn't have pointers. It has pointers but it doesn't allow the user to manipulate pointers like in lower level languages like C and C++. You simply cannot perform pointer arithmetic in Java while as in C you can. It means that Java doesn't give access to raw memory. That is because Java runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) making it a universal language.

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    Pointers are special variables responsible for memory manipulations. Since everything on computer are stored in memory, they provide an excellent way to handle them ( or mess up them). Java does use pointers internally, it is just java doesn't allow users to access them ( for security purposes) hence uses references ( which are safer)


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