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    What is three way linking in SEO?

    Hi Friends...What is three way linking in SEO? Please describe in details to know about three way linking. Thanks

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    Hi Friends,

    3 Way Links: Links that lead to a given property but do not receive a link back with all 3 properties connected into the event.

    A links to B but B does not link to A
    B links to C but C does not link to B
    C links to A but A does not link to C

    In this way all three properties receive 1 way links. However, Google follows the linking pattern and as a result this method is not as powerful as might be hoped.

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    It is the process of building backlinks between 3 mutual websites.
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    A three way link exchange is refer to a kind of reciprocal link exchange among three domain instead of two. In a normal reciprocal link exchange,you and your link partner exchange link with each other.Search engine can easily find that out. In a three way link exchange,three different domain must be involved.Here i give 1 example.Like site A link to site B,But not B to A. So, site B is only receiving a one way link for site A and not linking back to it.Likewise site C and site A are linked from one site but not linking back


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