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    What is NoFollow Backlink?

    What is NoFollow Backlink?

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    Hi Friends,
    Nofollow Links are the links which doesn’t allow search engines bots to index the links. It means search engines bots can’t index your links if they find nofollow tags with your links. Only humans can follow the links. Nofollow Links are used to hide the website link from the search engines.

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    No follow is a link attribute that instructs spiders not to crawl the particular backlink on the webpage. Hence these links are never indexed in search engines. They are only used to build traffic from various external webpages.
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    No follow links tell search engines to not follow a particular link. So if you don't want a page indexed, a No follow link isn't going to work.

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    1. Should the internal/external links in the Comments be NoFollow?
    2. At present, all my external and internal links are DoFollow except affiliate links, is it a good practice?
    3. I came across some articles on my site where my internal links are NoFollow, Im shocked at this. How can I make all internal links as Dofollow? Is there any setting or plugin which will override my current setting> I dont know why this happened.

    Please reply to my queries.


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