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    Mar 2013

    Right server which is good for hositng a forum ..

    I am looking for a right server which is good for hosting a forum and two hosts are in my mind: and, so what should I do?

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    Sep 2015
    It's true, many people aren't aware of how inexpensive web hosting is.
    The key is finding a web hosting company that can provide excellent customer support.

    Try to look at unmetered server hosting deals. They have datacenter in London, the UK.
    They advertise quality support, and they deliver. Their control panel has a complete set of web-management features.

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    Dec 2016
    The staff are personable, patient, and very attentive. Other computer hosts that I asked for information ignored the requests or gave me a run-around. It's solid as far as being up and running at all times.

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    Oct 2012
    These hosts - and - are worth a shot.
    Their prices are unbelievably low taking into account the amount of resources included in their plans and having deals with them means your business is in the firm hands.

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    Sep 2012
    All I can say offers an exceptional value, reliable technology, and very good customer support.
    Pages load fast. Your sites will be in good hands if you choose this web host.

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    Dec 2012
    Easy to get in touch with someone via Skype if I have a question. Good value. Highly recommend hosting.

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    Oct 2012
    253 and are the best server providers with low prices and quality support.
    These hosts are everything I wanted in a host - easy, straight forward, no messing about. They are what you need and no surprises.

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    Excellent thread! Thank you!

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    Sep 2012
    I can add here provider. Contact with sales, technical support, and billing has been prompt and pleasant. I can't imagine receiving better service from any webhost regardless of the price.


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