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    Why my website is going down?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a website which is about Halloween contact lenses, but currently my website is going very down regularly, so what is going wrong? Anybody can tell me please.

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    There are different reasons for reducing your website traffic and rankings. It is because of losing quality backlinks or google punishes your website for not following proper guidelines

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    Hi Friends,
    Why Do Websites Go Down?

    There are myriad reasons why websites actually go offline. If there were just a single root cause, the problem would already be solved. If your site goes offline you’re not alone in the struggle, even massive sites like Facebook and Twitter do experience occasional outages from time to time.

    1. Server Maintenance
    2. Overloaded Server
    3. Site Coding Mistake
    4. Site Attack
    5. Free Hosting

    How to Prevent Your Site From Going Down
    1. Choose a Solid Host
    2. Consider a CDN
    3. Keep Your Site Up to Date
    4. Consider a Monitoring Service
    5. Keep Your Domain and Hosting Up to Date

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    If you frequently upload content via WordPress or other CMS, be sure to check the website for any errors before the page is online. Slow connections from the server to the Domain Name System (DNS) can cause the site to crash. A misspelled domain name server at a website domain registrar may also be the culprit.


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