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    How many words do you use for web page content?

    I think 300 words is enough for web page content with SEO top keyword result. Please tell me, Anyone.

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    Hi Friends,
    It depends on a number of factors. First of all the topic you are writing about and the competition.

    Research has shown that thorough and longer content (around 2000 words+) tend to rank better, but it really depends.

    The important think is to go for quality as many others are also mentioning. Write thoroughly if you for example are writing blogs, but keep it engaging as well.

    Sometimes an article might then be 600 words and other times 3000 words.

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    Try to create a content schedule. Plan on several shorter pieces each month or week, along with one or two longer ones. This combination will help achieve the SEO results you desire.
    How can I help you?I will be very happy if I get any help from you.
    Shadi todne ka wazifa | Rishta todne ka Wazifa


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