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    web hosting & .ca domain registration services?

    I would like to get web hosting. Linux.
    + need to register .CA , .com, .org domains (3 domains).
    Do you know anything about and hosting services ?
    Their web hosting & domain registration services?
    Can I trust them? Any hosting reviews?

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    Nov 2019
    The price is right for us, the service is dependable, and the customer relationship is responsible, eager to participate in resolving the problem and prompt.

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    I recommend to anyone who appreciates great customer service and affordable yet uncompromising hosting.
    Use the code: CR2QS5B85D -30% OFF! Applies to all shared and VPS plans, 3+ month period of order!
    VPS and Dedicated Server - Personal voucher for $50: GHR8WY5P4P (applies to annual billing cycles)

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    Check out deals from and
    They have great support, cheap prices and relevant technology.

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    For me, would be perfect choice. It is local web host with servers in Canada.
    It has done a great job at evaluating the competition and narrowing it down to a handful of highly qualified services.

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    + vote for and their feature-packed web hosting solutions in Canada.
    You can be assured that you will always receive the level of service and reliability that Canadians have come to expect from this web hosting provider. Recommended.

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    I paid via paypal, helped me with everything I needed. Reliability has been 100%.
    The Christmas promo code is 33% OFF on VPS, Dedicated and Shared until end of January.
    Coupon code is: QHOSTERXMAS

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    Use plans from and as they are proven to be the best.
    Speed is very good, if not excellent. I spend only several minutes to see the possibilities and my site was up in less than half an hour. Great job guys! My customers will be very pleased.


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