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    What is structured data?

    What is structured data?

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    Hi Friends,
    Semi-structured data is a form of structured data that does not obey the formal structure of data models associated with relational databases or other forms of data tables, but nonetheless contains tags or other markers to separate semantic elements and enforce hierarchies of records and fields within the data.

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    Structured data is data that has been organized into a formatted repository, typically a database, so that its elements can be made addressable for more effective processing and analysis. A data structure is a kind of repository that organizes information for that purpose.

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    structured data are data that have been organized in a filing form, typically a database, so that its elements can be made addressable for treatment and a more effective analysis.

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    In the context of SEO, "structured data" usually refers to apply some kind of markup on web pages, in order to provide additional detail about the content of the page.

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    In my point of view Structured data is the type of code in a specific format, written in such a way that search engines understand it.


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