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    Can I use old content on a new website??

    I had a website related to poker 7 years back but now that website no longer exists. Luckily, I have all 200 contents that I have posted on that website.

    Can I use those 200 contents on new poker website? I am just little afraid if Google doesn't penalize my new website. However, I thoroughly checked and those content are Cspassed and nowhere posted.
    Anyone with an idea, please?

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    You move to a new website! The market has changed or you've got a few more money and it's time for the better to make a change. Awesome. A new website will help make your customers or your group more important. But how are you going to decide what content is going on and what is going on? This blog post will give you basic guidelines for reuse in a new home for existing site material.
    Don't overdo it, no matter what situation you're in. Simpler, smarter, not inherently larger, is a better website. Chances are you're struggling with a bit of both possibilities if you're updating your website. Knowing in advance the degree to which you will need to adjust content is critical. This will help you make the most of your time.
    Organize Old Content
    Recycle (and throw away)
    Highlight What is New and Why it Matters
    Optimize Old Content
    Major Takeaways: Focus on What Matters


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