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    What are the indexing methods?

    Hello friends,

    What are the indexing methods?

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    Hi Friends,
    Probably the two directives used most often for SEO with this tag are noindex/index and nofollow/follow:
    • Index follow. Implied by default. Search engine indexing robots should index the information on this page.
    • Noindex nofollow. Search engine indexing robots should NOT index the information on this page.

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    Indexing is the method of dividing the periphery of a piece of work into any number of equal parts. 1. The attachment used for performing indexing is known as indexing head. ... The function of dividing head is to divide the periphery of a work piece into any number of equal parts

    • Index values may automatically appear in some fields without you typing anything. Or, you may fill in fields on one image, and those same values are automatically copied into the same fields on other images.

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    Indexing is a small table which is consist of two columns. Two main types of indexing methods are 1)Primary Indexing 2) Secondary Indexing. Primary Index is an ordered file which is set length size with two fields. The primary Indexing is also more divided into two types 1)Dense Index 2)Sparse Index.

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    Indexing is updating the cached webpages in search engine database. Indexed webpages are now ready for search engine rankings.
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