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    What is the role of social media?

    Hello friends,

    What is the role of social media?

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    Hi Friend,
    The role of social media is primarily to connect people. It is a tool designed to connect people from all across the globe. The secondary function is to connect those people with ideas, services, products, and answers they may be searching for.

    Social media can provide businesses with a means of building relationships with clients and customers. Ambitious individuals can find the means to become entrepreneurs. And businesses can seek out and connect with other businesses to collaborate and share knowledge.

    While social media's main role is that of communication, there is so much more that it offers. You can find the most amazing pictures on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Reconnect with old childhood friends on Facebook and even plan your next career move on linked on.

    Social media is where many of us go to not only find out about what's going on around the world, but to unwind and be entertained. Essentially social media fills different roles for different people.

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    Communication is the means to bring your brand closer to customers. Through, mass media such as word of mouth, radio, television, internet. Images and messages bring content about the business to a large audience. Communication needs to be built between images and videos in a practical and unique way.
    Communication is a tool to orient customer behavior. Through, the process of promoting and sharing information to customers contributes to building trust and brand of the business in the hearts of customers.
    Communication is a multi-dimensional activity. Therefore, it is also necessary to have a clear awareness of information to be able to respond to customers for the purpose of optimizing information modification and adjustment of information disturbance tetris


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