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    What are the elements of social media?

    Hello friends,

    What are the elements of social media?

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    Hi Friend,
    Elements Behind Every Successful Social Media Strategy
    -Social Media Audits.
    -Clear Goals.
    -Clear Understanding of the Brand's Audience.
    -The Right Platforms.
    -A Content Bank and Social Media Schedule.
    -Social Tools.
    -Analysis and Measurement.
    -Time for Engagement.

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    Hello Social media is an online platform that people use to build relationships with people who share a common personality, profession, job, education, ... or have relationships in real life. .

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    There are many different social media models, but most social networks have common characteristics such as:

    + Social network is an application on the Internet platform
    + Content on social networks is created and shared by users
    + User creates suitable profile for page or app maintained on social networking platform
    + Social networks facilitate the development of social communities on the network by connecting users' accounts with those of other individuals and organizations find a word


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