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    Why is Social Media Harmful?

    Hello friends,

    I want to know that Why is Social Media Harmful?

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    It depends on how you use it.

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    The negative effects of social media on teens/negative impact of social media are as following;
    Facebook Depression. Facebook depression is an emotional disturbance associated with social media usage. ...
    Anxiety. ...
    Stalking. ...
    Cyberbullying. ...
    Sleep Deprivation. ...
    Lower Self-esteem. ...
    Social Isolation. ...
    Impractical Expectations.

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    A part of young people today are dependent on the Internet and social networks. Many people believe that the self-control ability of a part of young people in using the Internet and social networks is not high.
    Many experts believe that using social media can reduce sleep quality and disturb eating. Evidence is that what we see on the Internet and on social media can lead us to the wrong decisions and create dangerous habits. The more time we spend on social media and makes us miss out on other positive activities. One of the negative effects of the Internet and social media on our physical health is that they change our living habits and our sleep habits. t rex game

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